Mizan-Tepi University

Mizan-Tepi University (MTU) is one of the government institutions of higher education, which is established in 1999 E.C/ 2007 G.C .The University is found in southern nation nationalities regional state, 583 KM away from the capital Addis Ababa. MTU comprises of three campuses, Mizan campus (main campus), Tepi campus and Aman campus (teaching hospital). The name Mzan-Tepi coined from two cities called Mizan and Tepi. The mission of MTU is geared towards contributing substantially to the development of the nation by preserving and utilizing natural resources and cultural values through the provision of relevant and quality education, active participation in research, technology transfer and community services.

Tepi campus is 50 km away from the main campus and established a year later, in 2000 E.C/ 2008 G.C. The campus has two colleges and one school, college of engineering and technology, college of natural and computational science and school of computing and informatics. Currently sixteen departments were launched according to the developmental goal of the country, Ethiopia. In addition the campus owned one cisco academy and newly coming STEM center. As academic institution our campus engaged in teaching learning, research development and community service.

Yazhli Global Multidisciplinary Research Organization (YGMRO)

YGMRO is a non-profit organization registered under Government of India for the development of research activities in the broad field of Science, Engineering, Technology & Management. It aims to advance education and knowledge. Research organizations also work for the development of new products and services by conducting their own researches. We offer practical training in the form of lectures, workshops, international conferences and one-to-one sessions. It will provide you with an opportunity to be trained on how to make your research relevant to your target audience. The training for research scholars program is a structured, that aims to develop the skills and competences needed by early career researchers to embark upon independent research.